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Thriving After Birth

There are plenty of classes and courses to choose from that are focused on your new baby -- This course focuses on YOU!  Thriving After Birth is an accessible and affordable self-paced online course aimed at preparing new parents for successful fourth trimesters. 

Tanya Tringali, midwife extraordinaire, has hand selected a team of eight experts (including yours truly!) to help prepare you for a healthy postpartum period.  In this course, you will hear from experts from the fields of nursing, lactation, perinatal mental health, pelvic floor physical therapy and pediatric sleep coaching. 

Curriculum highlights include: 

  • Planning for your birth

  • What to expect in the early postpartum period

  • Breastfeeding education

  • Sleep (for both babies and parents!)

  • Perinatal mental health education, tools, and resources

  • How to make the most of the "6 week visit"

  • Return to fitness and sex

  • Return to work/school

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